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 Bravo to All of you who entered ads in the 2015 WCP Ad Contest, for not only supporting your production staff, but also your clients and your papers. Here is a link to our booklet showing all the Winners for 2105 Ad Contest.  Wisconsin Community Papers – Ad Contest 2015 http://flashpageturn.com/?PID=1000643

As you look through the 2015 Winners book, you will note, many places where we had few or no entries……Make note for next year those categories will be a great opportunity for your publication to shine!.

Watch for Details in the Fall…. For 2016 contest.  Start a fill and set aside  Your winners every month – so you have all your entries close at hand.

If you have any comments or suggestions for next year, give us   a call 1-800-727-8745 or emailwcp@wisad.com. We value your input.!!


Dear WCP Members:

A little while back we told you that PaperChain was working on an initiative to change the  FREE PAPER promotion. Years back we picked the third week of March. In looking to ramp it up, we decided that a week really wasn’t enough time to toot our own horn! It was determined that we should change from Free Paper Week to  Free Paper Month!

In looking at  March with spring promotions and  Easter, we felt that perhaps March wasn’t the best month for a month long industry promotion.

It was decided to pick July so we could leverage the Freedom and  Independence of  the 4th of JULY  into  a campaign for the Free Paper Industry.  So here are the results!

We have included as attachments,  everything you need to get the ball rolling.First be sure to start with  the attachment, “CELEBRATE FREE COMMUNITY PAPER MONTH!” That gives you ALL the details of the new promotion PLUS tells you how YOU can Leverage this this promotion to a BIG WIN for your Publication!  YES we are Having a contest.  You have a chance to WIN up to $2500!   So be sure to check out  that attachment.

Secondly, you will find everything you need to Promote FREE PAPER MONTH!  Logos in color, B &W, Background, no background and ready- made ads.  All YOU need to do is download them , customize them for your publication and run them!  It is that easy to promote  Free Papers and to get your change to win $2500!

So look everything over, Customize the ads to fit your publication, schedule the promotions and be on YOUR way to adding $2500 to YOUR BOTTOM LINE!

Click Here to access ads


Janelle Anderson

PaperChain Member Relations Committee Co-Chair

WCP Executive Director



Wisconsin Community Papers, Inc. (WCP) is one of the oldest associations of free community papers in the country.

• WCP has 83 member publications (free community papers, buyer’s guides and shopping guides) that boast a combined circulation of nearly 2 million (audited circulation) households throughout the state.

• They are total market coverage vehicles delivered to the home by mail or carrier.

• They are an integral thread in the fabric of the communities they serve.

These individual publications banded together into Wisconsin Community Papers in order to:

• Provide education and training to members

• Promote the free paper industry

• Be a resource to member publications on legal, technological, and other business related issues

• Provide a forum for networking and exchanging ideas by tapping the collective resources of all members

• Equip member publications with ability to compete successfully in their respective market

Our “Member Directory” provides you with a detailed listing of contact and distribution information from each of the 83 members, right at your fingertips.

Through its for-profit subsidiary, Wisconsin Community Ad Network (WCAN), Wisconsin Community Papers provides the most comprehensive classified advertising purchase available to market your business in the State of Wisconsin.

To learn more about our low-cost method of reaching the Wisconsin market click on the “About Us” tab above.

Please contact us if you have any questions at 1-800-727-8745 or 920-924-2651 or by email, by using our Contact us page.

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